2010 Reunion La Grange, Tx


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  1. Kathryn Hoffner says:


    Our little 5 yr old granddaughter, Sarah, was front and center on the gazebo. The only words to the song she knew were Jak se Mas, which she had just learned on the hayride to the cemetery.. I watched her as she kept her eyes intently on your face throughout the song, and read your lips in order to sing the rest of the words! The next day we couldn’t get her to quit singing the chorus. And once home, she found a stick for a baton, and wanted to direct her father in singing the song!

    posted by David Dybala

  2. Kristi Mishler says:

    Hi David,
    We had a wonderful time at the reunion. It was very educational for my kids, and inspirational for me to continue the tradition of family reunions with my family. It created many enjoyable memories for us, and we look forward to doing it more often in the years to come.

    This Dybala reunion was amazingly well-planned. I was very impressed with all of the planning and details. You guys put so much work into preparing it, and it really showed. The website is amazing, and has so much great info. The music and stories and costumes and geneology charts were incredible. Every part was excellent, excellent, excellent!
    Reunions are fun, and we look forward to seeing you at another one soon!
    What a great family to be a part of!

    Take care,
    posted by David Dybala

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