Minutes of the 2010 Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order by 2010 Treasurer,  John Edward Dybala, who first led us in observing a moment of silence in memory of recently departed family members.  Family members who have passed away since our last reunion were Emil Bures, Dorothy Martha (Stavinoha) Novosad,  Doris (Jecmenek) Ellis,  Marie (Patik) Jecmenek,  John L. Liberda, Evelyn F. Dybala, and Joe Dybala. We also prayed for members recently ill or hospitalized, including Dan Dybala and Harley Brod.

Special recognition awards were made as follows, and the winners each received a gift certificate to the TCHCC Gift Shop:

Most Esteemed Elder . . . Frank Brauner

Longest Married Couple . . . Frank & Barbara Brauner

Youngest in Attendance . . . Kaitlyn Bruce, Daughter of RJ & Jennifer Bruce

Most Recently Married. . . Laird & Christy Davis

Family with Most Immediate Members Present . . . Tom & Linda Dybala Family

The prize for the Best Czech Costume Contest was won hands down by Barbara Brauner, who modeled her costume for us with aplomb.

The First Place Trophy for the Horseshoe Throwing Contest was won by Jay Hoffner, and the Runner-up Trophy went to Laird Davis.  This was after a long and grueling tournament, played amongst several worthy contestants!

The Tony Dybala and Larry Dybala families graciously volunteered to chair the 2011 Dybala Family Reunion.  Watch for details on this Website in the future!





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