Latest Family News!

Please post any family news you would like to share with the family,  use this little blog section just to keep in touch, good, bad, sad or happy news!

10/29/2009:  Mary Lou Dybala called to let us know that Joe Dybala passed away today in La Grange.  He had been transferred there from the hospital in Austin.   Our thoughts and prayers are with Martha.  Joe and Martha have no children.  Should you wish to send her a card, her address follows:

Martha Dybala
PO Box 122
Fayetteville, TX 78940

11/06/2009: Esther Wittu sent a card just before the reunion letting us know she would not be able to attend and wishing all the best to the Dybala Family.  She enclosed a $25.00 donation as well.  Thanks so much, Esther.  You were missed!


4 Responses to Latest Family News!

  1. Tim Dybala says:

    Bob & I were talking to Martha Dybala after Joe Dybala’s funeral. She made the comment that she would not be able to keep the cemetery
    plot(s) clean anymore. We were both dumbfounded. We were not aware that she & Joe had been doing that! Another great testament to the humbleness of Joe and Martha.
    Anyway, plot maintenance needs to be brought up at the next reunion. Also, someone remember to mention that Joe & Martha have been doing this. Something needs to be considered in the interim.

  2. Tim Dybala says:

    Anyone who has perused immigration records has surely come across the term “cottager” in there searches.
    Here’s a definitive answer:

    “Most of the rural Czech population at that time would be considered in this peasant class, of which there were three distinct subclasses.

    Sedlaci or Rolnici (farmers) were the most prosperous, since they owned a home and maybe 20 to 100 acres of land.
    Chalupnici (cottagers) owned their home and sometimes a small plot of land.
    Nadenici (day laborers) owned nothing and depended on their day-to-day labors for their livelihood.

  3. Tom Dybala says:


  4. bdybala says:

    Curtis and Chantal Dybala are moving to Houston!

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